Love & Luck Necklace - White
Love & Luck Necklace - White

Love & Luck Necklace - White

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Love & Luck Necklace is a node to the centuries old superstition that horseshoe collects good luck when faces upwards and disperses luck when facing down. Carrying your own horseshoe in font of your chest gathers the charm you need to face the journeys ahead. Made with reclaimed acrylic - Once wastage, now re-adorned with love to become the treasured jewels of our wardrobe. 

- Reclaimed acrylic horseshoe pendant. 70x65mm.
- Finely printed white terrazzo texture with tactile aggregates.
- 70mm long, fine sterling silver chain.
- Available in: Black, White, Grey, and Blush.
* Colours may appear different on different monitors.

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