iPhone Case - Terrazzo Blush
iPhone Case - Terrazzo Blush
iPhone Case - Terrazzo Blush

iPhone Case - Terrazzo Blush

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The blush terrazzo is subtle, feminine and full of warmth. 

Unlike anything else, the slim silicone case is finished with unique terrazzo patterns with raised aggregates that are tactile to the touch. 

-Matt surface, durable and flexible. Sleek and lightweight. 
-Precision made to fit just right, with all ports clear and open for easy access.  
-Front edge is slightly raised for protection of the screen. 
The case’s sides are opaque and not printed. 
-Sweat, dirt, cosmetics and other chemicals can discolour the case with usage. To maximise the life of your case, please keep away from harsh detergents, corrosive perfume or hand cream.  
-Colours may vary on different monitors and lighting conditions. 

*Please be advised that our printing method is different to what is often seen on mass produced products. During the making process, each case goes under careful ink layering of 12-20 coatings until the desired texture is achieved, resulting in a speckled texture surface instead of a crisp flat imagery.

Also available in Black TerrazzoGrey TerrazzoWhite Terrazzo.

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