"Space spoken through feeling over science."



In the STELLAR collection, we would like to reintroduce the ever-evolving topic of TOUCH that FORM MAKER tirelessly explores. Our focus falls on the celestial bodies beyond our reach, our guardians in the sky,  the planets floating in our universe. 

They are the objects that we could not touch. And at times, we looked at them with fear.


"Touch has a memory."

In contradiction, we seek for our own interpretation of their surfaces. 

By making the planets tangible, we hope to evoke imagination and provoke understanding. After translating the planets from mysterious beings onto daily objects, they become perceptible, by you. 

You are to create your own memories.



In STELLAR we present five celestial bodies: 

Luna | Mars | Pluto | Saturn

and our home planet Earth.

These are their stories. 





photo credit: Kae Collective.