At FORM MAKER we believe in taking the time to design and create something discerning customers will love, as we believe in making things the right way - with respect to the people we work with, the environment and the materials we source.

The FORM MAKER workshop is located by the western side of Shanghai, where we design, print, cut, finish, package and ship on day to day basis. By making everything digitally in house, including our packagings, we believe this gives us the room to constantly study, adjust, and improve our product despite high operational cost we have to absorb internally. To us, this is meaningful, as we hope to not just be making products season after season, we wish our products have the opportunities to grow with us and our customers. This is also mindful about our environment, as we have seen to many brands outsourcing and producing thousands of items that become redundant at the end of the season. It is beyond wasteful.



Our design philosophy is that accessories should encapsulate materiality, texture and form. The surfaces shall stand out from the ordinary, evoke our senses beyond the visual, to become tangible and tactile using the latest technology has to offer. An accessory is a way to communicate, to speak without words about who we are, and the details we pursue shall make that point of difference. 

We kept every collection small, so we can invest in the time to understand and become better at the creating the pieces we create. Each collection only contains what we believe to be the true essentials. The designs have often been tested, used, worn by our friends and family long before they become available to allow us to make the best improvements we can.



With FORM MAKER's prints we have decided to work with inkjet Ultraviolet technology to realise most of our designs. UV printing provided us with opportunity to experiment with texture like no other techniques can offer. This is very different to the method often seen on other products, usually sublimation or screen printing that either produces a lot of heat, uses toxic chemicals or large amount of water. We wanted to use UV printing for its available environmentally friendly ink options and low emission LED technology.

Some customer had asked us why the image we produce are not as crisp as the others, this is because of the inkjet process which works like spray paint. Each piece are carefully sprayed to receive its layered texture, like making of a painting, the edges have a light speckled effect instead of a crisp clean line. We work with some of the world's most respected technicians to deliver the best outcome possible, and we would stand for the more sustainable way to work.


Meet Kira

Hi, I am Kira. 

I am the founder and designer of FORM MAKER.

Before 2013, I lived under the sunshine of Sydney Australia and worked passionately as an interior designer until the day we had to move.

My husband Aaron's family runs a printing facility in Shanghai, and he was offered a job to join the team. That was when we had to take a leap of faith and move our family over to the other side of the world.

After arriving in Shanghai, our daily life started to revolve around the family business and that was when I had the itch to create something I always wanted to create. As I looked into the skills and technologies that are available, I realised there are a lot more potential to experiment and invent new ideas.

FORM MAKER was born as a division in the workshop facility that was at the forefront of design and innovative solution. We have worked with commercial clients to deliver their visions successfully for two years. After entering third year of business, I made the decision to design our own line of accessories, so we can bring our knowledge to a wider use, allowing more people to experience the differences we create - mindful, eco-conscious pieces. 

Our collection became an outlet for the inspirations we gathered from our travels, films we enjoy, books we adore. Our design seeks to translate that into something useful, practical and essential.

This is particularly meaningful for me, as I can oversee the whole process. From sourcing raw materials, designing, prototyping to production, marketing to packaging and shipping, I am there each step of the way with our team, and I know the result is something really unique.

It has been a whirlwind journey as we nurtured FORM MAKER like a baby. Sometimes, I feel like we are going too fast and I'd like step back a bit and be grounded. There are a lot of pressure and opinions on what we should be working towards in order to grow, but I would always remind myself what our visions are. I still feel like an outsider to the industry, but I feel content that I am working with the people I care about, and our poorly behaved dog always makes me laugh. You will catch me working away with music on the west side of Shanghai, a life so different to what we had in Sydney.